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a▓rds at the same target”; while the ext▓reme range at this target practi●ce was only two hundred yards! Even later, in

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Drag and Drop

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▓the “Manual of Field Operations” writ●ten by Lieutenant Jervis-Whyte-Jerv●is, and dated 1852, it is stated t●hat recruits


Ultimate Support

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are placed into three squads in the▓ French exercise which he admires, and● to which he attributes the accurac●y of fire in


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their infantry.They are169 thus● classed: “1.Those who have struck the target ▓three times in 120 yards.2.Those ●who have st


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    0 yards, and six at 180 yard●s, and the successful marksmen are ▓rewarded with silver epaulets.” This, ●then, was the value of musketry-fir

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    e for long● after the beginning of this century an●d before rifles were common.Until 1854 ▓there had been, as far as armament was conce●rned, little alteratio

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